Driving up monetization velocity by creating profitable
    interactions and delivering on the promise of big data



Our focus is making our customers successful by helping them to drive up monetization velocity by an order of magnitude. We partner with companies to leverage data toward real monetization and capitalize on big data’s true potential.




Our team has a multi-year track record of proven marketing monetization solution delivery experience with very large ‘big data’ and analytics driven relevance engine implementations from Internet startups to more challenging larger companies where big data was pioneered-> a sample being Google, Facebook, Electronic Arts, Playfish Social Gaming (EA), American Express, HP, and Adobe. Our resources have passionately worked with data, analytics, and monetization approaches for their entire careers and can show you the combination to unlock your data’s full value potential.


We also have a strong qualifications and focus with modernizing data architectures using big data platforms..We are so passionate about it, we have developed several solutions which make integrated marketing prescriptive analytics a reality and overall expediting modernization solutions without overhead.



Pritpal Sahota

Co Founder & Chief Architect at Monetize Solutions

Pritpal leads and builds teams and products focused on marketing data engineering and data science – creating profitable real-time digital marketing interactions for customers.


Ben Brewster

EVP Monetization Velocity Solutions, Co-founder

Ben’s career has been focused on driving up Monetization Velocity & growth with data, delivering monetization & modernization with high revenue return results quantified by customer business teams at a variety of leading enterprises in disparate industries.



Lonn Johnston

Lonn is president of tech marketing consultancy firm FLAK 42, and sold his previous agency, Page One PR, to LEWIS PR at the end of 2010. The firm was rebranded as LEWIS Pulse in 2011 and Lonn stayed with the company through December 2012. At LEWIS Pulse, Lonn attracted great talent, some of the most exciting start-ups in Silicon Valley, and global brands such as Cisco, McAfee, Microsoft, SAP and VMware for partnering on social and other progressive media campaigns.


Kelly Williams

Kelly has been the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for two Bay Area financial services companies and was Vice President at Visa International and founded Visa’s Business Continuity Steering Committee and the company’s Information Security Steering Committee.

As part of military service, Kelly served with the White House Communications Agency, a select team responsible for providing all aspects of communications and information technology support to the President of the United States, the National Security Council, and other members of the Executive Branch of the federal government.

Kelly’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of San Francisco, a Master of Business Administration degree from San Jose State University, and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Concord Law School.

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