Most Profitable Path

Acting on the most profitable path in real time increases customer engagement, and it starts with understanding the most profitable path, the least profitable path, and the cost of the path different populations take. Characteristics, behaviors, seasonality, engagement history, and other connected data all play a role in determining the best action to take.

Customer Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power BI

We deliver funnel, quote to cash, post sale customer success, and business intelligence reporting capabilities across the entire CRM business process. Leverage actionable intelligence across the CRM process and grow your prospect + customer base.

  • Engage and optimize the customer journey from lead to purchase.
  • Leverage customer behavior insights in the Pre-Sales process using Power BI.
  • Rapidly migrate off legacy or expensive CRM systems to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Connected Customer View

Connected customer view is the starting point of an effective CXM solution.
An effective CXM solution could impact

Integrate interactions across various channels & touch points such as website,
phone calls, email, live chats, social media, text, mobile apps, and other
emerging touch points.

Gain actionable insights into customer behavior across various communication channels.

Customer Engagement Optimization

Create personalized engagements across various channels and touchpoints.
Predict and prescribe the next best engagement action to achieve profitable outcomes.

Key outcomes will be increase in customer acquisitions, cross-sell, loyalty,
satisfaction and decrease in customer churn & time to close.


We have a unique iterative methodology, experience, and pre-built solution
accelerators delivering an initial solution in 10 to 12 weeks.