• Big Data Monetization Software Solutions


Monetization Velocity starts with generating intelligence


Behavior Profile Generation – identify the behaviors and characteristics of customer or prospect populations and view the positive impact of applying prescriptions to micro-segments with Profile Generator™

Opportunity Generation – generating and scoring the top strategic opportunities to focus spend and effort on is easily accomplished with our Opportunity Generator™

Attribution Generation – driving intelligence from internal, social data, , 3rd party data is critical growing customer and prospect knowledge and achieving optimal Monetization Velocity.

Identity linking – linking the identity cross-channel and within data sources for integrated marketing. For big data platforms, Identity LinkTM solves this problem.

Social and 3rd party data intelligence – driving intelligence from social data and incorporating 3rd party data is critical to gaining a full understanding of the customer and prospect.

Intelligence Generation – Whether you are
building intelligence for B2C or B2B purposes,
our solutions are enabling business users
to maximize information value in the cloud or
on premise.


The Behavior Generator gives the marketing user full customer spectrum and behavior visibility along with the prescriptive actions to take on micro-segment populations, optimizing the monetization velocity equation. Customer and prospect behavior differences appear through micro-segmentation, along with the recommended options for marketing interaction promotion.

Current behaviors
Our software answers questions such as what are the current behaviors and characteristics of the segments I am interested in ? How do they differ from others ? What is being said about my products on the web ?

Prescriptive actions
Our software much like a doctor details “what to do”, revealing a listing of the optimal impact actions by micro-segment available for immediate use in the Engagement Generator™ campaign solution.



Opportunity Generator is an easy to use application that identifies the best conversion opportunities based on prescriptive analytics, reducing time to close. Easily determine which customers and prospects to focus efforts on in quantifiable order by looking at addressable revenue opportunity, relationship strength, prospects for growth among other factors.  With factors such as relationship strength of the micro-segment or the account opportunity, understand quickly the probability of winning the deal and whether you are interacting with the right roles and customer segments.

Who to Sell
Our patent pending multi variable scoring engine identifies top opportunities across both customers and prospects, for B2B or B2

What to Sell
Visualize the product recommendations delivered for all of the opportunities

Custom Scoring Weightings
Adjust weightings across multiple variables and score on demand

Invest in the Top Opportunities
Adjust scoring weightings to promote certain marketing interactions over others across multiple variables and score on demand


Self-service visual insights and data enrichment

Maximize Data Value – Enrich It!
Customer LTV, Tenure, Customer Value Bands to name just a few. Merge and integrate 3rd party demographic, sociographic, or other data.

Business Rules & Logic
Create business logic to create new insights and derive new attribution

Data Wrangling
Prepare data for attribution and integrate 3rd party or other data sets.


Efficient big data customer mastering solution

Link and standardize the Customer, Prospect, Account, Job Title or Partner across various data sources
Deterministic and probabilistic matching
Connect the dots with a lightweight linkage mastering solution.